Sterling Oil and Chemical and their sister company Sterling Services LTD., have partnered with Google Ads to create an advertisement campaign to increase their online presence in Google search and local search. The campaign is centered around keywords and is targeting potential petroleum and chemical based companies searching for a facility to store, transport, blend, transload, or drum bulk liquid products.

Sterling is using this campaign to increase potential leads for their trucking and bulk liquid storage businesses. Targeting keywords in search queries will increase Sterling’s reach, as normal search results may put them underneath ads, losing out on potential leads. Ads show based on keyword usage combined with googles search algorithm, which filters the results based on the query. If an ad matches that query, it will show first, dropping all non-ad results under them, potentially losing customers who may not scroll down the page.

Digital advertising has flooded the market as companies continue to move their ad dollars to online campaigns. The amount of people that use a smartphone, tablet, or PC, has risen dramatically over the past two decades. As a result, the shift to digital ads continues to rise as print continue to struggle at a regional and national level. Users are dictating where they want advertisements in their life, forcing companies to change their strategies to digital and some print. To get their products on top of search queries, companies like Sterling partner with Google Ads.

In the past, companies would join organizations to generate new business networks and learn about other businesses within their industry. Through organizations, companies can than leverage their membership into networking and creating potential leads. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many of these organizations have gone virtual, which takes away from the more personal in-person meetings or conferences. Some of these businesses have decided that route is no longer viable for them, opening opportunities for them elsewhere.

For larger companies, they have an in-house sales team who are focused on finding new clients and maintaining existing clients. Small businesses unfortunately do not have the resources to have a dedicated sales staff, most often it is the owner taking calls and establishing relationships with potential clients.

Sterling understood that they would need to find a cost-effective way to create potential leads and with Google Ads, it gives the company a platform to reach clients directly. Having researched what potential clients are searching for, Sterling is able to create an advertisement campaign on Google for people looking for the services they offer. This allows them to bypass third-party logistic firms as Sterling can deal directly with the client to discuss the type of business they are looking to do, hopefully leading to a successful partnership. They are currently doing a one-month run on the platform to gauge their campaign and see if it will be a long-term solution in converting clicks to clients.

Sterling continues to look at the most effective way to connect with their potential clients, either through local search, search engine optimization, and now Google Ads. If you are in need of petroleum, bulk liquid transportation, bulk liquid storage, toll blending, drumming, or need to use a spur to deliver product to the Midwest in railcars, please contact Sterling Oil at or by phone at 248-298-2973.