As the United States recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparently clear to employers that it is going to be a long-road to fill the jobs that went vacant 18-months ago. Every industry has struggled with bringing back former employees or new hires, opening opportunities for companies like Veryable to operate in their place.

Veryable is an on-demand labor service for manufacturing and logistical companies that need flexibility within their day-to-day operations. At Veryable, they connect employers with a pool of on-demand laborers, filling their new hire opportunities with just-in time workers. Sterling learned about this company through the Hamtramck Economic Development Director Mara Braciszewski.

As operations have picked up for Sterling Services, the need for additional help has arisen. The only problem Sterling found was quality labor, as many hirable candidates were not rejoining the workforce. This led them to cast a wide net to an assortment of recruitment sites, but Veryable was the one that allowed them the most flexibility when it came to job posts, interviews, and hiring. This gave Sterling an automated service, reaching thousands of on-demand workers, to interview and extend temporary work to as their business picks up.

Veryable uses their vast directory of on-demand workers to assist businesses in hiring temporary employees to fill jobs as their business grows. The business creates an advertisement on the Veryable website, offering their opportunity. Once the opportunity is posted, prospective candidates can than respond to the post, showing their interest in the job. At that time, the employer can pick and chose who they want to interview based on their resume and experience. This gives them the ability to hire on a temporary worker that they feel best fits the operations job. Employers can post job opportunities at any time, but a three-day lead time on posting gives the business ample time to interview candidates for the upcoming job.

Last week was Sterling’s first use of the service for a project they are doing at their terminal in Hamtramck, Mich. The on-demand hire came to the jobsite, learned on the job, and was successful in completing the tasks that were required to be completed. One of the perks of this service is that if you felt the temporary employee worked out well, on your next job posting you can see if that person is interested in coming back to the jobsite for the next opportunity, before opening it up to the rest of Veryable’s for-hire pool.

Sterling Services, LTD is for-hire bulk liquid terminal in Hamtramck, MI that makes products, stores, blends, throughputs, transloads and certifies with an on-site laboratory testing petroleum and chemical products. Sterling Service’s customers vary from Fortune 100 International conglomerates to small local family-owned businesses that need a distribution presence for their bulk liquid products in the Detroit and/or Midwest area.