Do you have bulk liquid customers in the Midwest that are at least 250 miles from their supply point?

If your answer is yes, we invite you to consider Sterling Services Ltd. as your complete distribution service. We provide inbound transportation by road tanker truck and/or rail tank car to our Detroit-area terminal. From this location, we can transload, throughput and store with inventory control. We can also blend a finished product, with testing available from our onsite laboratory. Finally, we offer delivery of your certified finished product to your customer, by both road tanker truck and rail tank car.

One call or email takes care of all your transportation needs, and you can rely on local inventory for your customers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Experience the Sterling Advantage

Bulk Liquid Storage, Transfer in Blending for over 40 Years

Let us surprise you with how much we can save you as well as making your life easier.