Sterling Oil in a continued to effort to diversity their bulk liquid trucking business has recently partnered with RPM Logistics and Bulk FR8 to haul fertilizer loads from Michigan to areas across the Midwest.

For decades, Sterling has transported oils, fuels, and deicers for numerous Fortune 100 companies. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic Sterling has continued to try to diversify their trucking to keep their drivers and equipment active while nationwide trucking has seen a dip upwards of 50 percent.

To stave off any further reduction, Sterling has been actively working with logistical companies such as RPM Logistics and Bulk FR8 as their own client’s business has temporary decreased. The material they are transporting are Centuro Nitrogen Stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) & Sectagon 42.

In Qtr 2 of 2020, Sterling began transporting fertilizer from Michigan to various locations in the Midwest as well as delivering fertilizer from other parts of the Midwest back into Michigan. Centuro Nitrogen Stabilizer is an inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia. It is a highly effective below-ground nitrogen protector. Sectagon 42 is an effective pesticide that targets soil-born pests that can cause reductions in a farmer’s yield if they are not taken care of.

The addition of these transportation lanes gives Sterling the ability to continue trucking products as the US recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sterling Oil represents the potential of a significant reduction of transportation costs for their clients since they can provide the diluents or carrier (such as water or base oils) as the main component for blending industrial lubricants. If you are interested in working with Sterling, please contact Sterling Oil at or call them at 248-298-2973.