Sterling companies adopted a zero waste stream in 2009, and began recycling programs at all our locations. We have an ongoing no-drip policy at our terminal. We collect the excess from storage tank bottoms, piping and tanker trucks flushes, and tanker truck and rail car heels, as well as slop from outside bulk liquid carries, samples, drum residues, and slop from customers. Periodically, this combination of products is tested; based on these results, we repurpose the outcome and downgrade it for sale, rather than disposing of it in a manner that is not environmentally-friendly.

Sterling works with Fortune 500 companies to identify their petroleum and chemical waste streams, in order to recognize products within these streams that could be repurposed and used in other industries. This provides an alternative to these companies paying to dispose of these products in landfills or other non-environmentally friendly solutions.

Sterling recycles paper, plastic, cardboard and other items to cut down on the amount of trash that would otherwise go to landfills. We recycle our additives and raw materials as well as any drums, pails, or other items that you can recycle. We work with local recycling center as we conform to proper recycling measures.

We also dedicate volunteer hours to assist the community of Hamtramck, running recycling programs at the public schools and managed operations for recycling bins throughout the town. Because of our efforts, the city of Hamtramck now oversees the program and a large recycling center has emerged in the south end of the city.

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