Sterling Oil & Chemical’s petrolatums are semi-solid homogeneous mixtures of oily and waxy long chain non-polar hyrdrocarbons. Petrolatums contain both paraffinic and olefinic hyrdodrocarbons. The olefinic hydrocarbons give petrolatums its “slippery” (oleaginous) lubricity and “tacky” character. Petrolatums are odorless and tasteless and range in color from white to yellow.

Petrolatum is mainly used in the formulation of food products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics that come in close contact with human skin, such as lip balm and Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Technical (industrial) petrolatums are used in the auto and related industries, rubber processing, and printing inks, shoe polishes, and candles. The important properties of petrolatums include melting point, penetration as a measure of hardness (consistency), color, and viscosity.

Sterling Oil’s technical petrolatum grade Amber and G1670 grades are the same chemically, with the same CAS No. 5009-03-8, but are physically different. Amber is softer, as shown by its high consistency range and lower melt-point. Our G1670 white is stiffer, with a lower consistency range and higher melt point. Typical properties of both are described in the chart below.

Test ASTM Method Amber G1670
Range Typical Range Typical
Melting Point D127 130-140 134 150-165 160
Consistency 770 F D927 180-215 189 65-85 75
Viscosity sus 2100 F D2161 66-75 66 85-100 75
Cst 1000C D2161 11-18 12
Color D1500 2.5 Max .5

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Petrolatum (National) and White Petrolatum (National)

The most important properties of Sterling’s petrolatum are their purity and complete solubility in auto factory-fill fluids such as engine oils, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, and more, without any detrimental after-effects in the running and performance of the vehicles. For this reason, General Motors specifies Sterling petrolatums as the primary lubricants to be used in assembling engine and transmissions where parts are needed to be held together temporarily – such a slippery agent to help parts fit into each other in transmission housings; to hold gaskets and other parts in place; and also in a semi-molten state for coating gaskets on engines and transmissions as they are being assembled. As such, GM corporate part #9985007 for both Amber and G1670 grades is the “go to” for GM Powertrain engine and transmission plants in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and eastern countries.

Both Amber and G1670 are available as stock items FOB from our sister company, Sterling Services, Ltd. in 55 gallon/208 liter non-returnable open-top steel drums containing 378 lbs or 175 kg of petrolatum, and also available in 5 gallon/19 liter non-returnable open-top white plastic pails containing 35 lbs or 16 kg of petrolatum.

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