Sterling Oil & Chemical Company is a private and contract bulk liquid carrier located in Metro Detroit, hauling up to 90,000 pounds of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel fuels, and special chemicals within Michigan and Ontario, and up to 45,000 pounds elsewhere in the US and Canada.

In conjunction with our sister company Sterling Services, Ltd., Sterling Oil, we can offer clients a complete, seamless one-contact distribution service, from the supply point to final delivery destination.

We can serve clients who desire transportation in the following ways:

  • Rail tankcar and/or maximum road tanker loads from supply point to our Metro Detroit terminal, then transloading, handling, storage, local inventory and delivery in 500 to 12,000 gallon road tanker truckloads to our clients’ customer delivery location. One call is all you need.
  • Maximize line hauls and deliveries of bulk liquids using Sterling Oil’s specialized knowledge and equipment. This reduces our clients’ transportation cost per gallon for gasoline and diesel fules or per pound for specialty chemicals.
  • Sterling Oil & Chemical Co.’s specialized equipment consists of aluminum and stainless steel single- and multi-compartment road tankers and tanker trucks; these are capable of hauling up to four different hazardous and/or non-hazardous products, totaling 500 to 12,000 gallon load deliveries.
  • We minimize the tractor and trailer weights (known as tare weight) and utilize axles to maximize the weight or volume of bulk liquid(s) (known as the net weight) being hauled within state weight laws. This reduces our own or our client’s freight costs on a unit value, such as per gallon. For example, within Michigan and Ontario, by hauling 90,000 pounds instead of the usual 45,000 pounds hauled by a common carrier, the clients gets twice the weight or volume for the same line haul freight rate.
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Experience the Sterling Advantage

Bulk Liquid Storage, Transfer in Blending for over 40 Years

For a specific line haul of bulk liquid(s) quote, please contact us at info@sterlingcompanies.com or call (248) 298-2973. We’ll provide fast freight cost with supply-point and delivery-location zip codes.

Let us know your line haul movement from point to point, type of bulk liquid
and frequency of delivery and we will propose the most effective method.