Sterling Services LTD. partnered with Tank Tiger in New Jersey to open opportunities with potential clients in need of bulk liquid storage tank rental space. Tank Tiger connects their clients with potential customers and acts as an intermediary, vetting them to make sure they are a good fit for clients before introducing the two sides.

“The Tank Tiger can bring customers to your terminal gate and help you establish long lasting relationships with these users of tank storage,” Steve Barsamian, CEO of Tank Tiger, explained. “The Tank Tiger will bring customers to lease your storage, or trucks to your rack to bolster your throughput.”

Tank Tiger’s main role as a clearinghouse is to get their clients tanks rented to reputable customers who are ready to deal when the two businesses meet for the first time. They also handle a number of other services including management consulting, contract preparation and review, terminal vetting, and many other services to help their clients rent their empty tanks.

Sterling Services is a multi-faceted terminal in Hamtramck, Mich. that can store bulk liquid, blend, drum, pail, transload, and throughput your products to and from tankers and railcars. They have 59 aboveground tanks, ranging from 4,000 to 500,000 gallons in capacity and two rail spurs on the CN railway.

Their sister company, Sterling Oil, can than offer great rates on trucking your product to and from your customers. Working with vertically integrated companies like Sterling, clients can get the most for the investment, a one-stop shop of storing, blending, transloading, and transportation.

For more information on above ground bulk liquid storage tanks or any other services they offer, contact Sterling Services at 248-298-2973 or email them at