The Hamtramck Fire Department needs some new equipment and due to budget cuts and the ongoing pandemic, their usual, robust fundraising efforts have been stymied. In response, the department reached out to a few local businesses, including Sterling Services LTD., to assist with upgrades for some of the equipment they use in the field.

As the pandemic continued to inject itself in every aspect of our lives, the team that normally rescues us is now in need of a rescue of its own. Both the Fire Marshall and Fire Chief are full-time jobs, but during the pandemic they were ordered to stay at home. In late April the city was then forced to cut hours including making the Fire Chief’s job a part-time position for the foreseeable future.

It was a tough pill to swallow, but as Chief Hagen explained, “I am very lucky to have an excellent staff, from senior officers to rookies. Managing and leading a fire department via the phone and emails is certainly not the most effective way, but when you have a highly skilled and qualified team, it can work out.  By keeping open lines of communication with both rank and file helped assured no major issues arose.”

The department is seeking safer alternatives for some of their equipment including battery operated equipment. These tools – a K12 saw and positive pressure ventilator – will make it safer and lighter for them to head into an interior attack as they will not be using fuel powered equipment. Chief Hagen explained, “The requested K12 saw, being battery-powered is much lighter than the current gas-powered saws.  This saw weighs much less and will expediate looking for fire extension via wall and ceiling. Additionally, being lighter, it is less to carry up a ladder when a roof needs to be opened, to help clear heat and smoke from a burning structure; this enhances visibility and cooler conditions inside for the firefighters.”

This small, but significant change, will assist the firefighters with keeping the scene less hazardous. Sterling is one of the companies that answered their call with a $1,000-dollar donation to cover the cost of a K12 saw. Sterling has a long-standing relationship with the fire department as they work hand-in-hand in keeping the business in full compliance.

“Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and firefighters are no different.  We do not feel comfortable asking for assistance – we usually are the ones aiding,” explained Chief Hagen. “However, we need to accept reality (at times reluctantly) there is only so much money to go around.  So, when the call to action is sent out to local businesses we are just hoping for an acknowledgment and maybe a “piece of the pie.” You stunned us all, by agreeing to cover the full cost of a piece of equipment, a battery operated K12 saw.”

It is important to Sterling that the city has the tools they need to make their community as livable and as safe as possible. That’s why they are involved in so many city ran initiatives including clean sweep, upgrading the green space in town including Pope Park and Veterans Park. Their VP of Operations, Jason Eddleston, is on a member of the Hamtramck Conservatory Board that oversees the upgrades to the Rec Park including Keyworth Stadium.

In the past, the Hamtramck Fire Department would host a number of fundraisers including their Halloween fundraiser, their Ugly Sweater Party, and a number of other events that help fund the equipment they need to keep the citizens of Hamtramck safe when fire or extradition is involved.

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