In 2015, Sterling Oil was selected to be one of Detroit, Michigan’s Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses at Wayne State University. Goldman Sachs 10KSB is an opportunity for companies to work with experts in multiple aspects of business, helping them maximize their growth and potential. It also gave business owners the chance to network with owners of the other companies taking part in the class. Through that networking at 10KSB, Sterling was able to find quality, local companies that they could work with in an array of industries.

Adam Bowen, owner of PNG Technologies Inc. in Shelby Township, was a member of the class and Sterling utilized their company to repair a couple of pumps from their facility. When they needed to repair their Bobcat and Hi-Lo, Sterling worked with Teresa Surowiak of Hi-Lo Industrial Trucks to get the work done.

When COVID-19 entered the United States in March of 2020, Sterling turned to a couple 10KSB alums to fulfill their personal protection equipment (PPE) needs. They worked with Mike Phillips of Alternatives in Advertising in Southfield, Mich., to purchase their custom facemasks and additional PPE. For hand sanitizer, they used Cody Bailey of Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland, Mich., to purchase a pair of hand sanitizer stations for their facility and shop. Hush began working to supply PPE to frontline workers as COVID-19 spread across the country and businesses were forced to adapt or shutdown.

Sterling has continued to work during COVID-19 as an essential business. As vendors were needed for certain products as it relates to the pandemic, Sterling made sure to support their local businesses by using them to secure additional PPE equipment. They also reached out to alum Katherine Balash of Vanguard Industries to get referrals on recruiters to help solve staffing issues.

As an alum of 10KSB Cohort four in Detroit, Sterling Services VP of Operations Jason Eddleston was one of the earlier graduates from Detroit’s 10KSB. Eddleston met Bowen and Phillips during the Cohort in Detroit while he met Surowiak on a panel during a subsequent cohort. He also attends numerous alumni events in the area and that is how he met Bailey and Balash. Detroit is now on their 19th cohort and nationally the 10KSB program has graduated over 9,700 businesses.  The program has an overall completion rate of 99% and 84% of the graduates are doing business with each other.

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