Sterling Oil participated in a Marketing for Small Business webinar through Monroe County Community College (MCCC) this past December. Sterling has partnered with MCCC for a number of classes including the 40 hour hazpower training for their employees at Sterling Services LTD. This class covered an array of marketing tools including social media, email marketing, and online advertisement techniques.

The class was led by Ayana King, a marketing specialist who offers webinars to small businesses on how to effectively market their companies. She created her company, Maximum Communications, to assist owners of small businesses with streamlining their marketing strategy. She also hosts her own webinars like the one Sterling participated in through MCCC.

The class highlighted several key areas during the webinar including reviews, brand assessment, competitor analysis, web content, email marketing, social media, online advertisements, and search engine optimization. Sterling’s biggest takeaway from the webinar was social media and how to maximize your marketing strategy when it relates to posting through social networks. Understanding your clients and where they view their information is paramount.  She also talked about how we can leverage our reviews into potential marketing opportunities through social media.

Sterling continues to work towards creating an online presence that encompasses their marketing strategy. This class now gives them the resources to continue their best practices while incorporating new practices to maximize their exposure to potential clients. Sterling offers bulk liquid transportation to clients in the Midwest as well as petrolatum to General Motors, world-wide. For more information about their services, please call them at 248-298-2973 or by email at