the Customer Challenge:

Sterling Services Ltd had struggled to find qualified experienced individuals to employ as operators who unload and load bulk liquids at our Terminal. Sterling had previous success in recruiting qualified candidates by advertising in local newspapers and word of mouth. Unforattently because of the downturn in the newspaper industry and the strength in the job market Sterling was unable to have any success with existing avenues of looking for employees. Sterling then attempted to try online job postings (Craigslist, Monster, Career Builder, and HotJobs), career fairs and implemented internal refer a friend programs with no success.

Sterling’s Solution:

Henry Ford College Tech Center started a Process Technology Program with Marathon Petroleum to give the opportunity for select individuals from regions of Detroit to receive a scholarship for continuing education in Process Technology for work in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

In an effort to recruit new potential long term full time employees, Sterling Services Ltd sought out a relationship with Henry Ford College Tech Center based upon articles that were written in the Detroit Free Press about a lack of jobs at Marathon for individuals who had graduated from the Process Technology program at the school. Through contacts at Michigan Works, Sterling Services Ltd was able to set-up a meeting at Henry Ford College Tech Center and then had a subsequent meeting at Sterling Services Ltd Terminal to kick off the relationship.

Sterling’s goal was to start an internship program with Henry Ford College Tech Center and to identify potential students who may be a good fit for the company for both the short term and long term employment. Sterling believes that after 3 months of employment, management would be able to understand whether or not an individual would be a good fit as a permanent employee ongoing and if so offer a permanent job to the given intern. If not, then Sterling would potential look to bring on another intern and repeat the process.

the Quantified Result:

Sterling Services Ltd received resumes for 4 potential candidates from Henry Ford College Tech Center. They conducted phone interviews with all candidates and then moved ahead and interviewed 3 candidates for this position in person. Sterling conducted a second interview with the top candidate with all the owners of the company and felt that based on the individual’s experience, knowledge and attitude that she would be a good fit for the company and for the internship. After 3 months and when the internship ended, Sterling Services Ltd offered a full-time job to the intern for permanent employment.

Sterling Services has also been asked to sit on the advisory board of Henry Ford Tech Center College and help to shape the curriculum of the program ongoing. Sterling Services plans to hire another intern if possible for the upcoming winter season of 2015-2016.