the Customer Challenge:

An existing customer of Sterling Services Ltd was looking for additional storage for new products classified hazardous by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) from the State of Michigan in the Metro Detroit area in 1st Qtr of 2014. Sterling had no more available regulated storage tanks or non-regulated storage tanks that could be upgraded to regulated.

Sterling’s Solution:

Sterling secured the commitment of the existing customer for a rental agreement for new regulated tanks for 3 years and then used its network of industry contacts to indentify the proper vendors and contractors to quote the job. After analyzing the finances of the project and the expected revenue from the customer, Sterling went ahead and purchased the equipment for the expansion and hired the contractors for the implementation of two new 41,000 gallon tanks at their facility.

the Quantified Result:

The two new 41,000 gallon tanks were installed and then approved by DEQ in 3rd Qtr 21014. These tanks are now fully operational and have satisfied the customer need for additional storage requirements for their products. These tanks have contributed to an increase in fixed revenues for Sterling Services starting in 4th Qtr 2014.