HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – Sterling Services Ltd., in partnership with Amazon marketplace, offers their petrolatum products on Amazon.com.

Sterling Oil now sells its G1670 (White) and Amber petrolatum directly online at Amazon.com. The company offers an array of sizes for purchasing, pint, quart, one-gallon, five-gallon, and 55-gallon spanning one pint to 55-gallon drums. The petrolatum’s sold are semi-solid homogeneous mixtures of oily and waxy long chain non-polar hydrocarbons, similar to petroleum jelly, this product can be classified as a pure grease that does not contain metals or impurities.

Sterling Services’ Amber and G1670 petrolatum – both fully refined products – is the only one approved by General Motors as the purity and solubility does not alter the performance of the parts.

For the first time, this product is now available to a host of new clients including hair salons, horse farms, plaster companies, fiberglass companies, racetracks, people making homemade concoctions and even Columbia Pictures have ordered our product for the special effects department.

“As a company, we are able to offer our petrolatum products to new markets while also creating additional revenue using Amazon’s marketplace,” said Graham Eddleston, President of Sterling Oil.

The petrolatum that Sterling Services produces functions for carriers, emollients, lubricrants, temporary adhesiveness, a tacking agent, base ingredients, binders, protective coatings, water proofing, release agents, and softners.

To order petrolatum products from Sterling Oil, please visit our Amazon products here or you can always call or email us directly.