HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – Sterling Services Ltd., is proud to announce partnership with Dar Pro Solutions, a brand of Darling Ingredients to provide transloading of their products to and from railcars. Darling obtains used cooking oil and grease from restaurants across Michigan and stores at their facility in Melvindale, Mich. Dar Pro Solutions turns that used cooking oil into biofuel, which emit up to 86% less carbon dioxide than petroleum diesel.

Sterling Services Ltd., offers Dar Pro Solutions the ability to store and transload their products into railcars. Those railcars are than shipped on the Canadian National Railways (CN) from Metro Detroit to Bio-Diesel facilities in the south. Additionally, Sterling Services LTD., sister company provided trucking as a back-up carrier for Dar Pro Solutions. Sterling Services Vice President of Operations Jason Eddleston welcomes the new business as he continues to seek ways to increase railcar traffic at the Hamtramck facility.

“We were looking to expand our presence as a transloading destination for international and regional companies looking for additional distribution presence for their products,” Eddleston explains. “With our two spurs on the Canadian National railroad we have been actively looking to increase the amount of railcar traffic coming in and out of our facility.”

At Sterling Services, the current labor force is trained on handling the product and services that Dar Pro expects from this partnership, and that was a benefit to the company. “We searched for ways to monetize our rail spurs and incrementally increase revenue while using our existing labor force. Based on the proximity between Melvindale and Hamtramck, any given day we can fill a railcar with their product and they can receive it within a couple of hours.”

Sterling Services continues to put themselves ahead of the competition by positioning themselves to take advantage of their current labor structure while adding additional clients.