HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – In April of 2016 Sterling Services purchased foreclosed properties from Wayne County auction house in their neighborhood. Each home has been deteriorating and Sterling purchased the properties and obtained the proper permits to demolish the homes.

“As a member of the Hamtramck community, Sterling Services takes pride in the neighborhood they reside in,” said Jason Eddleston, VP of Operations. “Part of our responsibility is to create a livable and safe environment for our employees and nearby residents. When you remove deteriorating homes, you remove the urge for people to use those homes for nefarious activities. We also gain a larger security perimeter around the facility.”

The demolitions also gave local artists a chance to come and strip the home(s) for useable items so they can create home goods like furniture and picture frames. Eddleston allowed the owners – Wayne Maki and Clare Fox – and the artists of Mutual Adoration to come in and salvage wood, metal, and other material that they could use for their store. Some of the wood harvested from this property was turned into a dining room table for Eddleston’s home.

Jason reached out to us about a home in Hamtramck that was being demoed, but he was concerned about just throwing away all of the interior lumber,” Maki explained. “Having met recently at an art show, he saw the furniture and home goods that we build using reclaimed hardwood flooring, and commissioned us to remove all the usable flooring from the interior. We used it to build him a dining table, and put the rest of it to use for other goods. We love when home owners are interested in conserving this beautiful wood. It’s a win-win.”

In neighboring Detroit, Mayor Mike Duggan said the city of Detroit will have demolished more than 20,000 homes by the end of 2019. Reiterating that safety comes with blight removal, “Wayne State University released a report that in the neighborhoods where the demolitions have occurred in the city of Detroit, that the crime has dropped significantly.”