Robert Felton is the founder of Detroit GrillKing, building barbeque grills from recycled drums in his hometown of Detroit, Mich. since 1982. Felton recently began picking up used drums from Sterling Services LTD in Hamtramck, Mich., turning them into custom barbeques.

Sterling Services LTD is a for-hire bulk liquid storage terminal that blends, drums, and totes petroleum and chemicals for fortune 100 companies across the globe. They amass large amounts of drums that need to be recycled and partnering with Felton and his barbeque business seemed logical for both parties.

Felton used an intermediary, which was a bit further from his business, to obtain his reconditioned drums prior to finding Sterling. The location of Sterling was an ideal fit for both parties as he gets quality recycled drums that are closer to his business and Sterling gets to offload unused drums from their facility for re-purposing.

The repurposed drums are perfect for Felton as the gauge of the metal that is used to make the drums is optimal for withstanding and containing heat for cooking. Felton has seen an uptick in orders as people are choosing to grill and chill over leaving the house to dine or pick up food.

Sterling is known for their recycling and re-purposing. In the past they have made sure the wood of a few homes they purchased from foreclosure, near their terminal, and deemed uninhabitable, was picked up by local artists at Mutual Adoration so they could use the salvageable wood for furniture and other items.

If you are in the need of used pallets or drums, please contact Sterling Services at

Robert Felton loads his truck with used drums from Sterling Services.