In May, Royal Oak student Alexandra Chafetz, who is part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, led Royal Oak Girls in STEM for her CAS (Creative, Activity, Service) Project, which she spent months planning but was eventually cancelled due to COVID-19. So instead, Chafetz had the idea for her project to go online, creating a platform for the experiments to be viewed by students, families, and friends in hopes to encourage learning at home.

Sterling Services’ VP of Operations Jason Eddleston, based on being a Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce Board member, was introduced to Chafetz, a student at Royal Oak High School, to help with a project she was working on for her class. Eddleston created a video for Chafetz, showing and explaining a liquid firework experiment for her to use in her online project. The experiment was using household items to make liquid fireworks, showing how chemicals react. Using whole milk, a bowl, food coloring, a cotton swab, and some dish soap, watch as the soap soaked cotton swab causes a reaction with the milk, making the coloring spreadout like fireworks.

Some of the projects that were done included an egg-drop activity for engineering, liquid fireworks, and tornado in a bottle for science, a strawberry DNA activity for biology, and a chemistry demo as well. The goal of the project remained the same: encouraging girls to continue engaging with STEM, even if it had a different look to it this year.

STEM focused programs approach their curriculum in an integrated way, where the four subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – are applied to the others. This gives the students a more rounded and practical education, placing priority on blended learning – combining traditional classroom teaching with online learning and hands-on activities.

“Thank you for making this a priority. It is apparent that you and your family have been committed to serving the community since opening in 1976. You are truly making a difference, and I wish you and your team at Sterling Service, LTD., continued success.” Mark Chafetz, father of Alexandra Chafetz, said about the Eddlestons and their continued work within the community.

Sterling Services is in Hamtramck, Mich., offering bulk liquid storage, toll blending, drumming, and transloading. If you are interested in working with Sterling, email them at or by phone at 248-298-2973.