HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – As the COVID-19 went from an outbreak to a pandemic, the global business communities were hit hard. Sterling Services, an essential business, remains open while practicing new safety measures including daily no-contact temperature checks in the morning as well as additional personal protection equipment required for all employees.

During the non-essential business shut-down, which started March 24, 2020 in the state of Michigan, their daily operations at the plant in Hamtramck, Mich., have slowed. While there is seasonality to Sterling’s business, it has not been their normal spring slowdown. The pandemic has caused their biggest spring slowdown in over 15 years. However, the company has maintained normal business hours with almost all of their employees from pre COVID-19 and continue to support their customers through COVID-19 policies and procedures while switching gears and dedicating more hours to doing deep cleaning, power washing and painting at their facility.

Sterling Services health and safety coordinator did an on-site hazardous survey analysis in March to understand what procedures and policies needed to be put in place for working during the COVID-19 outbreak. These procedures that Sterling identified and implemented in late March when the first executive order in Michigan was signed, created a workable environment in the face of COVID-19. Sterling was proactive in preparing to remain operational during the pandemic. It was those early choices of getting masks, gloves, and quickly shuttering the terminal to outside drivers that assisted them in keeping their employees safe and staying open. The company also shifted work hours, limiting the number of people on-site at one time.

It is because of those early moves that Sterling continues to be open to service their customers. The procedures that were implemented in March, closely resemble what CDC officials, the state, and the federal governments are now making standard as they look to “re-open” America in the coming months. Sterling was well ahead of the curve in that regard. They are an example of how you can mitigate the spread of the virus while continuing to go to work.

These policies and processes guide the employees in how to work within the COVID-19 environment, while staying safe and protecting their families at home. Employees are required to social distance from each other and wear facemasks and gloves. Signage was added to the main entrance and side entrances notifying drivers of the updated policies – No drivers allowed inside terminal. Inside the facility, they deep clean the common areas and bathrooms on a frequent basis.

As we continue to discover the effects of COVID-19 and how to best mitigate the virus, Sterling Services continues to be proactive in combatting the pandemic. The company is always looking at adapting their policies as the government, industry, or employees offer updated suggestions or guidelines on how to mitigate the spread of the virus at the workplace.