ROYAL OAK, Mich. — The trucking industry has taken a big loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, with drivers and loads becoming scarce as non-essential stay-at-home orders spread across the U.S. According to data supplied by the American Trucker magazine, truckers are feeling left behind as companies continue to shape their approach towards the outbreak for their essential, on-site workers.

Sterling Oil has tried to buck the curve and have kept their drivers working throughout the pandemic even while their usually contract and logistic loads have dried up to start the spring season. All the drivers for Sterling have been working  at the maintenance shop in Royal Oak, MI to keep their hours up when they are not on the road. With the slowdown, Sterling has been able to work on their trucks and trailers, doing preventive maintenance upgrades and repairs.

The drivers are going through all aspects of the equipment including; checking the lights, bad connections, air lines and faulty wiring on their trucks just to name a few areas of focus. The team is making sure their tractors and trailers are inspection ready. Additionally, later this month Sterling is planning to do a full rebuild of its longest owned tractor. Making the necessary upgrades and repairs now, during this slow time, gives them an upper hand when getting back onto the road.

If they are not working at the shop, they may head to their sister company, Sterling Services, to help the plant with projects around the grounds, in the warehouse, or cleaning equipment. They are currently deep cleaning at the plant, working on increased safety protocols in lite of the pandemic and upgrading pathways in and around the tank farm during the coming months and years.